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A Reflection of Wheeling Memories
Through Notes & Pictures

This site is to be use by any one who has lived, worked, visited, or had family or friends in the Village of Wheeling from the 1950's til present. Do you have an interesting story to tell, or a picture or videos to share? Submit them here. All entries will be edited by the Wheeling Historical Society.  All articles will be verified by a valid email address. In the future, when we have sufficient material, the submissions will be consolidated, reorganized, transcribed, and placed back here on this page. If you have questions about the process below, or you would like to email us your submissions, please Contact The Curator.
The Village of Wheeling is made up of many different resources. We encourage comments about our expanded community that includes neighboring towns, our library, park district, our schools, and the airport, that extend beyond the limits of out Village. They are an integral part of our community as well.
Here's how the process will work:
First, you must register your email address. It will be validated before you can post, view or comment.
Written commentary about your memories of the Village of Wheeling, should be created in the DISCUSSION FORUM. If you have pictures or other documentation please carefully read the following.
Pictures, Documents, Video & Audio should be submitted to our Add Pictures/pdf/video area. Please use the same title for your submittals in the forum and picture area, so we can easily chain the two together. For pictures and/or video especially, please also include a few lines of text as an explanation of your submission. Names, dates, times, and places are very important. Please include as much information as you can. Documents can be submitted in any format (plain text, Microsoft Word, PDF'S, etc.)
Feel free to add (limited) comments to posts that are submitted by others, or submit a larger response as a separate item.
Do you have some memories about your school friends, teacher or neighbors that you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so, but, be careful, they may return the favor! Looking for an old friend? Give us some memories, and someone may see them and share additional information in return.
Questions about any submitted item, ideas, and suggestions should be submitted to our Discussion Forum .
After editing, the results will be consolidated and will eventually be posted back here, on Our New Book (this web page). Be patient, this process may take some time.
Take a look at a sample submission in the 50's category Pat Knowles: Memories_and_Musings. These are the kinds of stories that we would appreciate.

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