New Book Instructions

How to use the add items, and the discussion forum pages

1) You must register to be allowed to participate in the FORUM or ADD PICTURE/PDF/VIDEO Database.

  • Select either:Add Pictures/pdf/video. or New Book Discussion Forum link.
  • Select REGISTER in the left column.
  • Fill in the form and click SUBMIT REGISTRATION
  • A verification email will be sent to you. Click on the link that is in the email to complete the registration process. This validation will allow you to continue to view and add information.

2) Login to the site.

  • Select either:Add Pictures/pdf/video. or Discussion Forum link.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Wait until you receive an email response and follow the instructions.
  • Welcome to the NEW BOOK SITE.
  • Feel free to browse around the pictures and discussion forum areas. Items in the database can be clicked on to view additional information and to download them to your system if desired.
  • If you wish to contribute information, please follow the following instructions.

3a) Using the add pictues functions.

If you are going to be adding pictures, PDF files, word documents, audio/visual or other documents, we would suggest that you add them to the database first. Then go to the forum section (step 3b) and tell us a little about your submission. Be sure to write down the title of your submission, so that you can can use this same information in the Forum.

After adding the files to the database, there will be a few days delay before they become visable to the general public. We need to do a quick check and approve the update.

  • Click on Add Pictures/pdf/video.
  • Login to the site if necessary.
  • Click UPLOAD FILE in the left column.
  • In the SELECT ALBUM dropdown box, please select an area that most meets your submission description. (Write down the album you selected for use in the forum later.)
  • Click the file BROWSE button and locate the file that you wish to upload.
  • In the FILE TITLE box, please give a title to your submission. (write this down for use in the forum later.)
  • In the FILE DESCRIPTION box, please give us a short description of the upload.
  • (optional) in the keyword box, please enter keywords separated by semicolons(;) to describe the keys of your upload, or click on the INSERT FROM LIST to select from existing ones.
  • (optional) If your upload is related to another posted or added itemitem, please enter the other file's title.
  • (optional) Other information as needed
  • (optional but desired) the approximate month and year describing you upload timeframe.
  • (optional) if you already know it, place the url of your related forum item in the Forum Section URL box.
  • Click Upload File
  • Be patient, it will take a few days to appear in the database.

3b) Contributing to the DISCUSSION FORUM:

  • Click on Discussion Forum.
  • Login to the site if necessary.
  • Select one of the following forum areas: A Reflection of Wheeling Memories Through Notes & Pictures - - Our New Book to add your personal memories about our community, or select: General Questions and Comments if you have any questions about the process.
  • Select any item if you wish to add some commentary to an existing item, and then press the reply button. Enter your comments in the message box, enter the text that you see in the conformation box, and finally click reply (or preview if you want).
  • If you want to add a new topic item, please click on the NEW TOPIC button. The title should match the FILE TITLE of any uploaded items. Fill in the other fields as described above, and be sure to mention the ALBUM and TITLE of any uploaded files and finally click reply (or preview if you want)..


Wheeling Historical Society and Museum