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35) Lorri Machnik Guy 
Sarasota, Fl Location
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7-10-2020 08:29 PM

Wow. Just found out about this website through classmates. I grew up in Wheeling 1961-1978. I recognize the picture of train stop as my great aunt and uncle rented the little house adjacent to it. I went to Carl Sandburg, Jack London and WHS. Graduated 1978. Married at St. Joseph's Church 1978. My husband, Terrence Guy, who also graduated from WHS in 1976, extended family, owned Peterson's Food on corner of Dundee and Milwaukee. I worked at McDonald's during HS. Left the area after marrying due to military life. My heart will always belong in Wheeling and I usually visit my Aunt every couple of years. Would really like to return but taxes in Illinois so high and I have lived in Florida since 1989 and love it. Lots of fellow Chicagoians here in Sarasota so feels a little like home. Looking forward to reading up on history of Wheeling.

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