Wheeling Trivia Quiz

From the Daily Herald - Sunday, February 25, 1990 - Chicago, Illinois



These facts are all documented in the popular local book. Wheeling Through the Years, our own Village history book. Get out your answer sheets and see how you fared.




What was the cost of a good meal at Wheeling's first tavern built by Joseph Filkins in 1837?




What was housed at Palwaukee Airport in 1933-34?




What was the cost of the first village hall In Wheeling (now located in Chamber Park, 251 N. Wolf Road)?




What was the former use of the present Congregation Beth Am building at 850 Jenkins Court, Wheeling?




What Wheeling structure was known as The Bon Air in prohibition days?




What event was announced in the Wheeling Independent on Wednesday, Aug. 15,1956?




What was formerly standing on the present site of the Maine Bank of Wheeling?




Why was Wheeling's former Vitruvius Lodge called a "moon lodge?"




What was the very first name of Milwaukee Avenue?




What did children wait to sec on summer evenings in Wheeling?




Where did Wheeling's first veterinarian have his farm




What was the main problem of patients entering the former Wheeling Hospital, opened in 1927?




What did Wheeling win an award for in 1962?




What were two trades that failed to survive in Wheeling?




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