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Fassbender and Arnold-Ledger 1915-1916
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Object ID 004933

Object Name Fassbender and Arnold-Ledger 1915-1916

Object Desc See NOTES tab to view sample pages from the document. To view the complete ledger, please see the museum curtor.

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20190221.095815.00

Alternate ID

General Category Documents

Category Documents - General

Source Donor Unknown

Source Category Donation

Accession Date MAY 1,2019


Location M-FC-07-D3

Object Date

Start Year Range 1915

End Year Range 1916

Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Ledger,


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Image Caption Fassbender and Arnold-Oct 1915-1916



Date MAY 1,2019

Notes To view the additional information, Please Click Here

Date MAY 1,2019

Notes Intenral Use Only