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Reindeer Food Instructions
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Object ID 004749

Object Name Reindeer Food Instructions

Object Desc Reindeer Food Feeding Instructions for Christmass Eve
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Collection LolliPop Lane

Accession # 20171115.170038.00

Alternate ID

General Category Documents

Category Documents - General

Source Wheeling Historical Society

Source Category Society Property

Accession Date NOV 21,2017


Location Web ONLY

Object Date

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Lollipop Lane,Reindeer Food,


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Image Caption Magic Reindeer Food

Description On Christmas Eve, before you go tobed, sprinkle this Magic Reindeer Food on your lawn. The magic glitter, sparkling in the moonlight and the smell of the oats will help to guide Rudolph right to your house. Merry Christmas! Love, Santa