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Life In Wheeling
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Object ID 004723

Object Name Life In Wheeling

Object Desc Life in Wheeling by Elaine Simpson
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Source Elaine Simpson

Source Category Staff Research

Accession Date SEP 8,2017

Credit/Acknowledgement Elaine Simpson

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Object Keywords 0000,Elaine Simpson,Bill Simpson,Memories,Ray Lang,Axle Roller Rink,Twin Drive-In,



Date SEP 17,2017

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Date SEP 17,2017

Notes Part1: Life in Wheeling
Bill and I have been residents in Wheeling since 1987. We purchased our home at 100 Wille from the Langs. When people ask where we live we gave them the address and they would so oh the Lang house. Maybe when we are gone it will be called the Simpson home. Bill and I got married in 1984 on the coldest date in January. We ran the Axle Roller Rink at that time and the staff gave us a reception at the roller rink. Bill had two daughters and I had two daughters. His two daughters Karen and Cinnamon went to Jack London and my two daughters went to Holmes. All four girls went to Wheeling High School. I will say they received a good education at Wheeling High School and all of them have careers that we are very proud of them. We now have a granddaughter and 3 grandsons who have brought us much happiness. Besides running the roller rink Bill also managed the Twin Drive In. There are many interesting stories to tell about the roller rink and the drive in. We still keep in touch with many of the employees and the customers. It was a fun place and it is a shame that both the roller rink and the drive in are no longer in existent. It was a place for teenagers to go to. Today there are not that many place for them to hang out. I was one of the original members of the Wheeling Garden Club when it met at the Holy Family facility on Milwaukee and Strong. There were a lot of members when it first began. Brooms and blooms came out of that and in the spring flowers and clean up were done all over Wheeling.

Date SEP 17,2017

Notes Part 2: I canít remember when I joined the Wheeling Historical Society but I wanted to get involved in the village and that was a good place to start. I am still a member today and am very involved in Lollipop Lane which is very important to me. It is great to see children come back every year with their parents who came when they were children. Bill Stasek is a big supporter of it and the pictures that is staff takes are free. They work well with Santa and the families. In 1996 one of my neighbors and friend Tina Dolgopol suggested that I run for Village Clerk. Bill thought that would be a good idea since I was always very big on volunteering and giving back to the community. I thought government moves to slow. I ran for office and there was no opposition. I have been in office 18 years and I love every minute of it. Working with the President, Trustees, and staff is amazing that all of these different personalities work together to make Wheeling a better place to live. I also discovered that government does move slowly not because of the village but of all the agencies in the government that you need to go through to get something to pass. Since I have been on the Board I can honestly say that the Trustees and President work very hard to make Wheeling a better place to live. I find the staff friendly and have great Customer Service. A lot has happened in the last 20 years and all for the better. During this time I was also on the Special Events Committee for a short time. We helped organize the 4th of July Parade and the Lighting Ceremony during the holidays.

Date SEP 17,2017

Notes Part3: Today, I am on the Wheeling Senior Foundation Board to help seniors and do fund-raising when a new Senior Center will be built. Bill was on the Police and Fire Commission and he enjoyed being on it. It was very important to screen applicants making sure nothing but the best came to Wheeling for Fire and Police. Bill passed away in 2012 after a long illness and interesting fact of his name there were three Bill Simpson that lived in Wheeling at the same time in the 90ís

Date SEP 19,2017

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