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Chattel Mort. Co. To Thresher Co.
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Object ID 004683

Object Name Chattel Mort. Co. To Thresher Co.

Object Desc Chattel Mortgage to the Advance Thresher Co. Document for loan from Chattel to Thresher for $2061.000 for purchase of One Advance Separator, Steam Engine, Advanced Bagger, Registers, Headlight, and Attachments. Payable in 3 years, by: Mick, Fossbender ..

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20180807.224400.00

Alternate ID

General Category Documents

Category Financial - Documents

Source Donor Unknown

Source Category Staff Research

Accession Date AUG 3,2017


Location UNKNOWN

Object Date Aug 17 A.D. 1990

Start Year Range 1890

End Year Range 1902

Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Mortgage Deed,Thrasher,

Title Chattel Mort. Co. To Thresher Co.




Originator Frank Mick

Parties Frank F. Mick Jacob Arnold Adam Weber Fassbender Arnold Robert M. Simpn - Cook County Recorder Jacob Frilsch - Justice of the Peace

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Date AUG 7,2017

Notes Internal Use Only

Date AUG 7,2017

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