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Jail Bench
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Object ID 004665

Object Name Jail Bench

Object Desc Jail lockup Bench See NOTES and IMAGE tabs for more information

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20170720.144800.00

Alternate ID

General Category Other Objects

Category Other Objects - General

Source Village Of Wheeling

Source Category Donation

Accession Date JUL 20,2017

Credit/Acknowledgement Wheeling Police Department

Location M-Jail

Object Date

Start Year Range

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Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Museum Jail,Jail Cell,


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Image Caption Open Jail Cell


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Image Caption Closed Jail Cell



Date JUL 20,2017

Notes Wheeling Police Department - Prisoner Processing Room When a person who has been arrested they are transported to the Police Department. When entering the process area they are taken into a room that is used for documenting the persons identity and criminal history. The room contained two desks for officers and two bench's for the subject(s) arrested. The bench's were along two walls of the room. The bench's had steel rings that were bolted through the bench. The subject was normally handcuffed. The handcuff would be removed from one hand and then placed into the ring to secure the subject. If the subject was violent then a second set of handcuffs would be used and the second arm would be secured to the bench. The bench's were used for protection of the officers and the safety of the persons arrested. Subjects arrested for alcohol or drug related offenses could become violent at any time. After the paper work is completed the subject would be placed into a cell or stay on the bench if bond for them was on its way.