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Fire Department Display
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Object ID 004648

Object Name Fire Department Display

Object Desc History of the Fire Department See the NOTES tab for more information about the history of the fire department.

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Accession Date JUL 11,2017


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Object Keywords 0000,Fire Department,Museum Display,Display,history,

Title Fire Department Display



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Date AUG 8,2017

Notes 1- WHEELING'S FIRE DEPARTMENT According to research, the first move toward fire protection was made on April 6, 1896. On that date, a committee of three was appointed to investigate the subject of fire protection and its estimated cost. With nothing accomplished by June, another committee was selected to investigate various chemical and other fire extinguishers and Report back to the Village Board. The committee consisted of Sir. Christ Metz, John Forke, and William Fassbender. Following the recommendations of these men, the Board ordered certain equipment and on September 11, 1896, it was delivered at the Wisconsin Central Railway freight office. The Fire Department was to be allowed the use of the Village Hall for their meetings and a fire bell was purchased from Fassbender and Arnold for $27.40. The Constitution and By-laws of the Wheeling Fire Department, as adopted on September 30, 1896, allowed for the following fire bell signals: Regular or Special Meetings... ringing of bell and three strikes of alarm hammer; Company's practice... ringing of bell and five strikes of alarm hammer. Fire alarm...continuous fast rapping of the bell, then signal for the division of the Village. The Divisions of the Village and signals were : From the Southern line to crossing of Mr. E. Wagner's residence... ringing of bell and one strike of alarm hammer; From center of Village to corner of Dundee Road..ringing of bell and two strikes of alarm hammer; From corner of Dundee Road to Northern line...three strikes of alarm hammer; From corner of Dundee Road west... four strikes of alarm hammer. At the inception of, the Fire Department, most of the towns prominent citizens participated as Volunters which was a tradition for many years.

Date AUG 8,2017

Notes 2- The First officers of the Wheeling Volunteer Fire Department consisted of the following; Mr. Christ F. Metz, Fire Marshall; J.A. Schminke, Asst. Fire Marshall; Frank Forke, Second Asst. Fire Marshall; W.R. munnenke, Secretary; W. Riswig, William Fassbender and Tony Bel, n, Foremen of the various companies. According to the record of minutes of the meetings of the Department, Mr. Reinhold Schneider assumed the duties of Secretary at the meeting of April 23, 1900, and held the post until the 8th of August, 1927. ******************