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ITPLD Through The Years
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Object ID 004618

Object Name ITPLD Through The Years

Object Desc Hostory of the Indian Trails Library Through They Years, and the Museum Display that they Created. See Image and Notes Tab for more information.

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20160730.000000.00

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General Category Documents

Category Documents - General


Source Category On Loan

Accession Date JUL 15,2017


Location M-DC-01

Object Date 2016

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Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,ITPLD,Library,Museum Display,


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Description The Wheeling Historical Society's most recent exhibit, "Indian Trails Library Through the Years," takes a look at how things were and how they've changed. When the Indian Trails Public Library (then the Wheeling Public Library) opened its doors in 1958, it had a collection of 6,000 books that were hand-labeled with the help of the Prospect Heights Library and the Woman's Club of Prospect Heights. Before laser printers, computer catalogs and ebooks, there were typewriters, wooden catalog drawers filled with neatly typed cards, and hardcover bound reference volumes. These were the tools of the trade. SUMMER READING PROGRAM T-SHIRTS Before: The library held summer reading programs as early as 1958 and staff often wore t-shirts promoting the program. Today: T-shirts are still worn by staff to promote special programs. See NOTES tab for a complete history

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Description SPINE LABELS Before: Labels were used, call numbers (the classification by which books are organized and shelved) were hand-lettered in white ink on the spine of the book. Today: Books arrive from the distributor with computer generated labels attached to the spine or library staff produce the labels in-house. STAMPERS Before: Inked stampers were used to place identification on the book as Wheeling Public Library/Indian Trails Public Library District property. Today: Stampers are still used to designate "date received" or "withdrawn" on a book. CATALOG CARDS Before: Catalog cards, arranged in long drawers within a series of cabinets, provided a written record of every book in library, listing the author, title and subject for finding ease. Initially these cards were typed on typewriters in the library's processing office; eventually pre-typed cards could be ordered from the Library of Congress.

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Description BOOK POCKETS AND CARDS Before: Each book had a pocket attached for holding the checkout card. It was also used to hold the "date due" card that reminded the borrower of when the book had to be returned. Today: Pockets and "date due" cards have disappeared when the advent of automated checkouts and bar codes. Due dates are now printed on a paper receipt or emailed to the borrower. REFERENCE BOOKS Before: Published annually, these hardbound books were non-circulating, meaning they had to be used in the library. Today: Still published today, most reference books are now accessible through online resources the library subscribes to annually.


Date JUL 15,2017


Date JUL 15,2017

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