St. Joseph The Worker - Scrapbook

Rev. George Mulcahey Pastor

The Rev. George Mulcahey was born and grew up on Chicago's South Side. He attended St. Bernard's grade school, Quigly Preparatory Seminary, and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, where he was ordained to the priesthood by the late George Cardinal Mundelein on April 22nd, 1933. Fr. Mulcahey's first assignment after Ordination was to Visitation Parish where he served for seven years. For eight years after that he was assigned to St. Symphorosa Parish. In 1948 he was appointed to St. Dorothy Parish where he spent nine years doing the priestly work for which he is so well equipped.

In June of 1957 the late Samuel Cardinal Stritch assigned to Fr. Mulcahey the task of establishing a new parish in the town of Wheeling. With his characteristic zeal and energy he quickly began his new labors for Christ and His Church.

The Rev. Raymond P. Nugent attended Our Lady of Good Counsel grammar school, Ouigley Preparatory Seminary, and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, Ill. He was a member of the first class of priest ordained by Cardinal Stritch for the Archdiocese of Chicago on May 18, 1940. After his ordination he was assigned to St. Mary's Training School (Maryville), Des Plaines. In October of 1943, he was appointed to Visitation Parish and in 1956 was assigned to St. Sebastian's Parish, In July of 1958, he was appointed to assist Fr. Mulcahey in St. Joseph the Worker Parish.

Rev. Raymond P. Nugent
The original phone number for Scottys Cleaner was just 100

Do you remember what the phone prefix 537 was originally?

847-537-xxxx is one of the current phone number patterns for Wheeling. 537 was really LE7 or LEhigh 7-xxxx. The original phone numbers were as depicted here. In short, it was just numbers !! Many of the documents below contain some really old business advertisements.

St. Joseph Church Dedication

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St. Joseph Church Dedication

The First Bulletin

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The 50th Anniversary Dinner Dance Booklet

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50th Anniv Dinner Dance Booklet


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Womens Club - "April In Paris" Fashion Show in 1958. The actual show date unknown at this time.

Additionally, this newspaper article sheds some light on how the original vestments for the parish were made. (Click on the article for a larger view)

Ground-breaking for the new hall in 2011.


Wheeling Historical Society and Museum