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19) Randal Gosch 
Naples, Florida Location
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Here are things that I remember or that I think I remember!!!
1965 we lived 2 or 3 houses down from the Fire Station. I am told the station is not there anymore. My mother worked as a waitress at Woody’s.
On one of the corners, there was a gas station, I believe it was Sunoco; were they the ones with the dinosaur shaped soap? The gas station had a monkey in a cage in the back. And there was an IGA on the road as well. From 66 to 67, Mom worked for Willie Necker and we lived above the Kennel until we moved to Florida. I went to Aptakistic Tripp (sp?) elementary school that year You could walk straight from the Kennel across the fields and get to the back of the school. My 4th grade teacher was Ms. Dickey; used to make you write dictionary definitions when you were acting up.
18) David Hancock 
Winston, GA Location
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Moved to Wheeling when I was 2 (1956). Lived & grew up in the Meadowbrook subdivision. Many fond memories. The house I grew up in was recently sold (2019) for the first time as both my parents, Pat & Wedge, have passed on. I came to this site looking for info & old photos of Meadowbrook Park when the Sabre Jet was parked there. It was good growing up in Wheeling.. those were simpler times. Much has changed but not all has changed. There is still some of the wheeling of my childhood that remains.

Wheeling Historical Society 12-24-2020 01:08 PM
Your Mon and Dad are key members of the Historical Society, Museum, and LolliPop Lane. They are in our memories constantly, especially at Lollipop Lane time of the year. We all miss them.
17) Susan Jenks 
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I lived near Chevy Chase from 1958 to 1970. We knew the Johnson brothers and spent many hours swimming in the pool and ice skating on the water hazards. A very different time for children and fond memories. Thank you for maintaining this site.
16) Parker W Borg 
Great Falls, Virginia Location
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You have an excellent website. My ancestor on my mother's side lived in Wheeling from about 1840 to 1860. I am in the process of writing about their lives and have found much helpful information on your site. I am also ordering separately one of your historical publications.

I enclose a photo of James Parker who owned the tavern where the meeting was held where the first community officers were selected. He lived into Wheeling from about 1840 until his death in 1855. He is buried in the Dundee Road Cemetery.

Parker W. Borg
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Tracing Family roots from Father's side (only met my Dad in my 30's & connected with an Aunt in my 60's. I've been informed of her life living in Wheeling & places she'd regularly visited. I have a CD of three generations and don't know one of them. Family surname Taylor and most are Edward's. women surnames McElhaney/Tharp. I've looking for old photos etc. starting in the 1870s. after the 1900's a meat market and a Tavern. street names for residences Jacob St/Alley 13. any info about Wheeling History I am interested in.
14) Philip Carson 
Asheville, NC Location
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In 1904 Dr. Rodney L. Swope was the Rector of All Souls Episcopal church in Asheville, NC. Dr. Swope and six other gentlemen were discussing starting a literary club. Dr. Swope is said to have said he was familiar with the Twilight Club in Wheeling, WV. The Pen and Plate Club was begun in 1904 and has met almost every month since then when an essay (well over 1,000) is presented by a member and responded to by another. I was interested in whether the Twilight Club every existed and, if so, what might have happened to it. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Phil Carson
13) Betty Wyllie 
Sun Lakes, Arizona Location
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During the 1940's five Zapatka children went to a one room school house. Can you give us the name of that school and would you have a photo.
Washington DC Location
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My great great grandparents - James and Mary Parker arrived in Wheeling about 1845 from New York via Greenville, IL. I'm grateful for all the help I got from Historical Society some years ago. Still have never found WHERE in New York they came from.

Just checking to see whether anyone has also been seeking information lately on the Parkers? James Parker and 2 infant children are buried in Wheeling Cemetery.

Also, does Society have name of one of their children, Charles J(?) Parker , among Civil War veterans from Wheeling? Thanks again to the Society. James Landberg
11) Lorri Machnik Guy 
Sarasota, Fl Location
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Wow. Just found out about this website through classmates. I grew up in Wheeling 1961-1978. I recognize the picture of train stop as my great aunt and uncle rented the little house adjacent to it. I went to Carl Sandburg, Jack London and WHS. Graduated 1978. Married at St. Joseph's Church 1978. My husband, Terrence Guy, who also graduated from WHS in 1976, extended family, owned Peterson's Food on corner of Dundee and Milwaukee. I worked at McDonald's during HS. Left the area after marrying due to military life. My heart will always belong in Wheeling and I usually visit my Aunt every couple of years. Would really like to return but taxes in Illinois so high and I have lived in Florida since 1989 and love it. Lots of fellow Chicagoians here in Sarasota so feels a little like home. Looking forward to reading up on history of Wheeling.
10) Cindy Hand 
Mundelien,Il Location
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Lived in the lovely community of Wheeling for 24 years. One of our daughters has taken residence with her beautiful family there.....

Curator 9-11-2020 09:49 AM
Cindy. We do have books for sale. The price per is $30.00 plus $8.00 shipping for out of 60090 zip code area.
Please send your check for $38.00 to:

Wheeling Historical Society
PO Box 3
Wheeling, IL 60090
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