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New Business GroundBreaking/Ribbin Cut.
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Object ID 004611

Object Name New Business GroundBreaking/Ribbin Cut.

Object Desc Scrapbook Of Photos For New Business GroundBreaking/Ribbin Cutting See NOTES tab to view the Scrapbook, and for a complete list of its contents and photo dates.

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20090721.103447

Alternate ID

General Category Photographs

Category Photographs - General

Source Village Of Wheeling

Source Category Donation

Accession Date JUL 15,2017

Credit/Acknowledgement Village Of Wheeling

Location UNKNOWN

Object Date

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End Year Range

Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Scrapbook,New Businesses,Groundbreaking,Ribbon Cutting,Photos,


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Date JUL 15,2017

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to In Collection from In Collection - automatic entry by admin

Date JUL 15,2017

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Date JUL 15,2017


Date JUL 15,2017

Notes To view the complete Scrapbook, Please Click Here

Date JUL 15,2017

Notes The following Pictures are included in the Scrapbook: 20090721.103447 coopers hawk ribbon cutting 3.JPG 20090721.103447-New Business GroundBreaking.pdf 20110318.133526 JimmyJohns.RibbonCutting.3.18.11.JPG 20110512.121336 Hibachi Grill.JPG 20111116.115238 Saranellos.JPG 20120316.111351 Fresh Farms.JPG 20120604.100615 Park Dist MRWD Dedication.JPG 20120604.100656 Park Dist MRWD Dedication2.JPG 20120815.070056 Walmart.JPG 20120907.091724 Advanced Auto Parts.JPG 20130509.111457 BargainsInABox.RibbonCutting.5.9.2013.JPG 20131120.124547 Hawthorne-Suites.Ribbon-Cutting.11.20.13.jpg 20140606.104440 Taylor Plumbing 100th Anniversary.June 6 2014.01.jpg 20140617.104347 Starbucks.1501 Lake Cook Road.Ribbon Cutting.06 17 2014.02.jpg 20140620.110055 Stellas Place.JPG 20121213.000000 DunkinDonuts_213eDundee_RibbonCutting_12.12.13_cut.jpg ????????.??????.VIllage Hall Groundbreaking.jpg