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Buffalo Creek Farm
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Object ID 004591

Object Name Buffalo Creek Farm

Object Desc Photos from Buffalo Grove Farm See Notes tab to view the document.

Collection Museum Collection

Accession # 20141116.180100.00

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General Category Photographs

Category Photographs - General

Source Donor Unknown

Source Category Donation

Accession Date JUL 12,2017


Location UNKNOWN

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Status In Collection

Object Keywords 0000,Photo,Buffalo Creek Farm,

Title Buffalo Creek Farm




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Date JUL 12,2017

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Date JUL 12,2017

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Date JAN 8,1801

Notes Richard Walter Mueller (Walter) was born in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany on July 16,1887. He had three brothers and one sister. At the age of 11 he was orphaned. He attended a military-type boarding school. The atmosphere in Germany was always one of preparing for war. My Grandfather hated the warring nature of Germany. He loved working with animals and wanted to be a farmer. In his teens he had to join the military. He joined the cavalry. He attained the level of lieutenant. He vowed that after he finished his military service he would never fight in a war. While he was in the service after a days work he was in the stable tending his horse and heard in the next bay an officer kicking a young soldier. Walter checked on the soldier but he was unconscious and died. Walter vowed to avenge the death and did so after he left the service. He beat up the officer and decided to leave Germany forever. Walter's older brother had emigrated to the United States sometime in 1906 or ..

Date JAN 8,1801

Notes or 1907. He lived in Chicago. Walter left Germany in October of 1907 and sailed from Hamburg to New York on the ship Pennsylvania. He must have found work on the Buffalo Creek Farm right away because the photo album shows penciled dates of 1907-1909. I am not sure how long he worked there. It was only a few years. The family story is that Walter was on a trolley in Chicago and was overheard talking about how he loved farming. Mr.Kinsgton, who was in Chicago at Julius Schmid's request to buy a bull, overheard him and hired him to work on one of the largest dairy farms in NY, Beaver Dam Stock Farm. My grandfather eventually became the manager of that farm for Julius Schmid. One of my sons lives in Sleepy Hollow, not too far from Wheeling. We'll be there in Dec. but your Historical Society is not open then. We'll try another time. I'm in NY and NC but travel to IL to see the grandchildren often. Marilyn


Date JUL 12,2017

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Date JUL 12,2017