Snapshots Of A Community
Wheeling, Illinois

By, Gerry Hunt

This paper was part of the original working copy of the book, that was created in the late 1990's.

The Historical Society has found many inconsistencies in the facts that are presented, and is working to add corrective notes to the document.

Please be patient while we figure out how best to accomplish this.


Do you have questions about Wheeling? So did the children of our community. Gerry has provided the answers in this attached (searchable) document:
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Did Wheeling have a Boy Scout Troop?
Did Wheeling have a Girl Scout Troop?
Did Wheeling have a newspaper?
Did any non-native American settlers live in the area when the Potawatomi did?
Did the Wheeling School have a gym?
Does Wheeling own Palwaukee Municipal Airport?
How does Wheeling take care of its Senior population?
How was Wheeling named?
Was George Strong able to live peacefully with the Potawatomi?
What about care for the animals?
What about transportation in Wheeling?
What are the qualifications to become a Trustee or President of the Village of Wheeling?
What did Wheeling look like before it was settled?
What did people do for recreation in Wheeling?
What did the people of Wheeling do if they needed a doctor?
What is the Wheeling area Chamber of Commerce?
What kind of farms were in Wheeling?
What kind of government does Wheeling have now?
What other businesses were started as Wheeling continued to grow?
What other churches and temples does Wheeling have today?
What problems happened because of this rapid development?
What was Childerly?
What was Wheeling's first industry?
What was the Wheeling School like?
What was the first church in Wheeling?
What were the needs of the settlers as more came to live in this area?
When did Wheeling build more schools?
When did Wheeling build the first school?
When did Wheeling first have a library?
When did Wheeling get a Fire Department?
When did Wheeling get its first bank?
When did Wheeling get parks?
When did Wheeling get police protection?
When did Wheeling get telephone service?
When did suburbanization come to Wheeling?
When did the Potawatomi Native Americans leave the area?
When was Wheeling incorporated as a village?
When was Wheeling's first railroad station built?
When was the first Village Hall built?
Where did the children go to High School?
Which farm had a roadside stand on Dundee Road?
Which is the last farm in Wheeling?
Which organization was formed to help bring the community together to help with the growth of Wheeling?

See more information and the continuation of the story about Wheeling, in the attached file …

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